Palm Beach Alimony Attorney for Spousal Support Payments



Alimony Attorneys

Florida judges have substantial discretion in deciding the amount and duration of alimony. They consider multiple factors when awarding spousal support. Florida law currently recognizes five types of alimony: temporary, rehabilitative, bridge the gap, durational and permanent. One or more types can apply to your case, depending on your unique circumstances.

When determining spousal support payments, the family court considers both the actual need for alimony or maintenance as well as the ability to pay it. Proving need and affordability is a large part of what The Law Office of Benjamin T. Hodas’ Palm Beach alimony attorneys do.  Our spousal support lawyers provide formidable representation for parties seeking to secure alimony or who are faced with unmanageable spousal support obligations.

Whether you will need to pay or receive alimony, it’s important to have the right legal team beside you, helping you make your case. We are your team.